Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I have worms

Goodness.  I started this post TWO years ago (yes, in 2013) as a tutorial to help warn against committing a pinterest fail, but I never finished the post. As it is October, pictures of this are floating all around Facebook and Pinterest and I feel it is my duty to located all of the photos and complete this post!

Alcohol Jello Worms

So with the Halloween parties that I went to I thought it would be fun to bring something and there it was.  The most disgusting thing ever. Someone shared the instructables link showing a bowl of gross looking worms that were edible. Perfect! That's what I will make!

There are tons of tutorials and recipes out there. I did not write out my exact recipe but as you can see, you really should not go by mine. hahaa!

My recipe used Jagermeister, cherry jello, and Sierra Mist.  Since I used the Jager, I did not have to put the drops of green food coloring in to darken the worms. I had tried a tip on using powdered creamer rather than whipping cream for the cloudiness.  You can see it really didn't work either.

But anyway...What a disgustingly perfect treat to bring to a Halloween Party! 

In my head I pictured this to be so awesome and easy to do...yea, some of it is.

The pouring the mixture into the the straws to set up, that is the easy part.  Just get something tall to hold a bunch of straws and add a rubber band to hold them together. You may have to add weight to the top to keep the straws from floating up. Then you just stick in the fridge.

Next comes the frustrating part.  Getting the worms out of the straws. Hmm, how do you get them out?  Well, you have to squeeze them out.  Each freaking straw has to be squeezed and the worms placed on wax paper in the fridge for a few more hours to set up.  I did not find an easy way to squeeze them out.  I tried the rolling pin method which really just smashed them. That was after I learned that just squeezing was pretty impossible.  In the end I ended up running warm water over the straws to then squeeze out.  This is why you have to stick them back in the fridge to reset them, otherwise they will all stick together.

Your hands get cold and slimy from this step. So much so that you kind of lose control and those worms will go flying.  
Yep, even over onto the floor.

 Then if you are sampling and drinking as you do this and one comes out looking like an S and then next like a U then there is no choice but to try and spell out your frustration.

I was putting my Jello Worms into a large glass jar so they looked like specimens. I printed out a note card with the specimen number being the date I was bringing them, and then filled out the rest. I burned and stained the note card and then used plain old Elmer's glue to stick on.   I took chocolate graham crackers and ground those up to put in the bottom to look like dirt.

They were fun, but not as many people ate them to make it worth the trouble. My advice, just go for something easy to take.